Villa Lambda by Mercurio Design Lab

Villa Lambda’s concept springs out of an exploration in the domain of pure geometry applied to architectural forms. The client requested a villa which broke with typical Singaporean suburban formulas, whether modern or classical pastiche. The brief also required optimisation of a tight site and parking for nine cars. Two inverted triangles, slightly offset from one another and slightly offset – a design solution that immediately offered a powerful interpretation of an idea and potential for a great development ahead. With further refinement, the triangle geometries was smoothened up.

One end got heavily chamfered, becoming a skewed quadrangle and allowing a large cantilevered roof eave to protect the large windows of the bedroom, which initially should have access to a balcony but was later scaled down to a ledge. The other triangle was stretched at its opposite end and slightly smoothened to form a rounder bullnose morphing from the house walls into a long car porch. Lambda should have resembled a sport car but as its conceptualisation took shape, it started to project the idea of a space vehicle. Therefore, when the car porch was designed with two canopies at each side to extend the protection of the parked cars, their resemblance to winged stabilisers was one right touch to the design finalisation.

Now the building begins to reflect its name, lambda, the Greek letter used to signify the notion of a wavelength, a triangulated formal composition of apparent opposites held in dynamic tension. This is emphasised by the habitable attic solution, providing an extra storey. The aluminium-clad roof with the extruded flaps at the rear of the third storey terrace was intentionally designed to extend the space-ship metaphor, while the doghouse containing the lift over-run was made to look like the air-intake of an engine room. In turn, these gestures support an over-riding strategy of generous eaves and canopies to provide privacy and sun protection. The result is a house which is simultaneously bold but mysterious.

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