The Porter School of Environmental Studies by Geotectura + Chen Architects + Axelrod Grobman Architects

This building was built according to principles of green design and achieved a LEED Platinum, the first building in Israel. The project is a living lab of ecological and social values for the community and the environment. It tells the story of the complex sustainability term and simplifies it to the public by strolling along the eco-wall, the ground floor and the roof that present current research of energy, water, soil, vegetation, materials and so on that they can see, touch and learn.

Bamboo was used extensively in this building as a green resource as it is a grass with wood characteristics. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth (up to 1 meter per day in tropical regions!).

Bamboo was used in this project as parquet on the bridges, as the inner skin of the “capsule”, as the walls inside and out at the looby, as the decking on the roof and as shutters on the cube hanging from the building.

Implementation: Kne’kash

The bamboo we use is manufactured to comply with Green Building Standards in order to reduce the overall impact of construction and building on human health and the natural environment. New technologies are constantly being developed in order to create greener materials from rapidly renewing sources to be applied in green building projects.

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