‘Between earth and sky’ – a campus landmark by penda

The proposed design for an entrance sculpture to the Shenzhen Southern University of Science and Technology is a metaphor of formal contrasts to design a campus landmark.

There is a chinese saying parents tell their children when they leave home for university ” ???? “, which means roughly translated : “ride on the wings of an eagle to your success”. The wing-shaped design for the sculpture is a formal translation of this saying. The sculpture serves as an entrance gate and is a connection of 2 opposites: the fluid, lower part connects the gate to the gentle hills of the landscape in the background and carries a grid of lights, which can be seen as a connection to the cosmos – a contrast of the earth and the sky.

Furthermore the landmark should symbolize a freedom of thinking on one hand and certain guidelines on the other hand, which stand for a system and order in science – a contranst of endless possibilities and technical limitations.

With those opposites, the sculpture describes what a modern Technical University should stand for – a symbiosis of nature and technology.

source: home-of-penda.com

Moses Bridge by RO&AD architecten

Unconventional bridge „under“ (yes, not over – under) a mote of historical Netherlands’ former defense line, leads visitors through a water line without getting wet. Authors of this project are architects of a Netherland-Belgian atelier RO&AD. Unlike any ordinary bridge, the submberged construction does not obstruct the view of surrounding landscape.

It is built of Accoya wood, which makes the bridge not only durable, but also ecologically safe. The wood undergoes a non-toxic process of modification called acetylation, which protects it from molding and raises its form stability. photos: morfae.com

Pedestrian bridge from the future

Another unique architecture piece was created in Luxembourg. A pedestrian bridge in the city of Esch/Alzette which is the second biggest city after the capital Luxembourg. The object by architecture studio Metaform Architects has received an award for the building of the year 2010 from web site archdaily.com. The main idea was to create a direct connection between the heart of the city and green surroundings – Gelgenberg park. The bridge traverses a railway that has divided roughly these two areas. The design is very specific and unique characterized by minimalistic but organic form accentuated by contrasting colours. While the exterior is white, neutral, the interior is red, the contrast provides an aesthetic experience. People passing the bridge experience a glimpse of future. The object clearly contrasts with surrounding chaotic environment. The bridge has a unique energy that emits into the surrounding areas.

photos: woohome.com