Tienda Plasma by Plasma

TIENDA PLASMA is a multidisciplinary store that aims to promote and distribute the creative work of local designers and artists and is part of the growing concept of “Lifestyle Stores”.

Tienda Plasma wants to contribute to the growth of a cultural foundation that enriches the concept of “Buy Local” selecting local, original and independent design pieces and art at fair prices.

Our store is a showcase and platform for emerging designers and artists in which they can show and sell their work and ideas.
We are committed to a fair price: art and design bring us closer!

In our new shop at OVIEDO Mall in Medellin, we gathered the best illustration Works (posters, postcards, t-shirts, picture objects), decorative objects, furniture and design pieces (lamps, tables, kitchen accessories, home
accessories, plants and gardens, etc.), plus music, books, notepads, notebooks and many products ideal to own, share or give away .
Credits and contact:
TIENDA PLASMA (CC Oviedo, #2356)
Design : Plasma Diseño S.A.S.
Client: Tienda Plasma S.A.S.
Design Team: Carlos García+ Alexandra Sánchez + Carlos Daniel Montoya +
Clara Cuartas.
Production: NODO ( + Gustavo Cadavid + VIDA ÚTIL (
Medellín, Colombia

Il Forno Restaurants by Plasma

Structures and piping fully exposed, reclaimed wood, concrete and metal in its purest form, with lighting, color and vegetation accents. This composition seeks to high light the beauty of imperfections and the nobility of materials and allows space to become a functional design that facilitates maintenance and makes possible subsequent recycling. The design of the site is an exploration for new ways to give a new look to IL FORNO Restaurants traditional atmosphere.

Architectural and interior design: Plasma Diseño + Juan Camilo Llano
Designteam: Juan Camilo Llano, Alexandra Sánchez, Sebastián Montoya, David Patiño, Juan E. Ballesteros, Javier Gómez, Carlos García
Production: Clara Cuartas + NODO + LOCKER + VIDA ÚTIL + Juan Camilo Gómez
Cliente: La Receta
Location: Primer Parque de Laureles (Barrio Laureles. MDE, COL)
Medellín, Colombia


Lagunarosa store by Plasma

Lagunarosa is a multi-brand store targeted at women whowant to look good, who care about their figure and wish to inpire love and desirethrough their underwear and swimsuits.
Inspired by thehoneymoon in heavenly places with beaches surrounded bytropical forests, coral reefs, white beaches, contrastingflavors and colors, PLASMA DESIGN was commissioned by LAGUNAROSA to design the conceptualization and creation of their branding and store prototype, the first of which was inaugurated in Bogotá, Colombia.
The materials used were “canabrava” (a tropical wood cultivated in different Colombian towns and used over the years in traditional Colombian construction), ceramics, steel, oak, glass, tropical plants cultivated for residential and commercial use and traditional hand crafted baskets from Colombian coastal towns.

Concept and design: Plasma Diseno (
Project directors: Carlos García + Daniel Mejía
Designers: Daniel Mejía, Carlos García, Javier Gómez, Laura Palacio, David Patino, Juan E. Ballesteros.
Production: NODO ( + Plasma (Clara Cuartas) + Contacto Arquitectura
Location:Bogotá, Colombia


La Industria Restaurant by Plasma

The idea with La A Industria Restaurant, was to create a unique place in Medellin where food from many countries could meet in a 24 hours service location. The concept was based on the parallels between production plants and factories that work 24/7 (with their aesthetics, materials, textures, colors, typographies, graphics and so on) and the processes involved in the creation of food before it reaches the table.

The budget was also a determinant factor and was established from the beginning of the design and conceptualization processes, so we decided to take advantage of what happens with materials, light and surfaces in the construction and demolition stages, so we could highlight the industrial look with very few resources. Almost every material used was taken fromold factories, demolitions and industrial warehouses, and others, as the case of the container kitchen, was developedfrom scratch. The materials have their natural appearance: metal tubes, plywood, wiring, network hardware, etc..

The tables are numbered and marked with big white numbers over a black finish surface. All the furniture was rescued from the previous restaurant that operated on the premises and recovered fullywith the finishes and colors defined in the color chart of the new brand. The displays and shelves were made fromscaffolding, the bar surface is constructed from cases of wine withpolyester resin, welded steel pipes, bent, polished concreterecovered from deposits. The graphics were mostly hand-painted by street artists.

Concept and design: Plasma Diseno + Juan C. Llano
Project directors: Carlos García + Daniel Mejía
Designers: Daniel Mejía, Carlos García, Juan Camilo Llano, Javier Gómez, Laura Palacio, Clara Cuartas, David Patino, Juan E. Ballesteros.
Production: NODO + Contacto Arquitectura
Client: COIT s.a.s.
Location: Medellín, Colombia


Volare Ristorante by Plasma

A group of Italian-Venezuelan businessmen with a long tradition of culinary and restaurant experience was planning to open their first restaurant in Medellin. The city was chosen in part because of the cultural changes that have been taking place in Colombians second city, and partly because from thefirst moment of their arrival, the city welcomed them and made them feel at home. The aim was to create a space that will transport diners to a corner of Italy where tradition, good food and the warmth of the “Ristorante” dining experience with decades of tradition and transformation could be noticed in every detail.

After some conceptualization and planning meetings in which the client emphasized the importance of literalsconcerning architecture and Italian atmospheres, the design team reached a middle ground in which the essence of traditionremains as protagonist, but it mixes seamlessly withexisting technologies, materials and traditional craftprocesses and contemporary aesthetics.

VOLARE target market from the beginning was the adultcontemporary with a special taste for travel and food experiences, culture, good spirits, friends and unforgettable moments.

Concept and design: Plasma Diseno + Juan C. Llano
Project directors: Carlos García + Daniel Mejía
Designers: Daniel Mejía, Carlos García, Javier Gómez, Laura Palacio, David Patino, Juan E. Ballesteros, Juan Camilo Llano
Production: NODO + Plasma (Clara Cuartas) + Contacto Arquitectura
Client: COIT s.a.s
Location: Medellín, Colombia


The Grocery by Plasma4

In 2011, THE GROCERY asked PLASMA to design its new restaurant in Medellín’s international airport: JOSE MARIA CORDOBA. The design team wanted to create a cozy and confortable space that could make waiting time a little more relaxing. The airport is located in a cold weather region near Medellín, where green forests and mountains are predominant. In THE GROCERY, we wanted to bring a portion of that environment: a warm, natural , relaxing, modern, friendly and surprising place where travelers could feel, at least for a moment, away from the stressful and boring waiting room atmosphere.

In roofs and walls we used pine wood sheets in its natural finish, carefully selected to evidence the beauty of its imperfections. For lighting we tried to create an atmosphere of warm indirect lights between the wooden modules, accompanied by ambient light equally warm and appropriate for reading and relaxing. The modules that make up walls and ceilings are made of phenolic plywood and are divided into 6 pieces that are repeated generating the main texture of the restaurant. Each of these modules is composed of two parts which are assembled without visible screws and are attached to the walls and roof with a CR structure.

In the preparation area, pieces of polished stainless steel were used for counters and accessories, clear colored ceramics were used for floors and walls. The dividing walls between the preparation area and the self were made ​​from natural stone and architectural woodworking and special furniture (pay point, doors, window frames and doors, etc.) were built in natural pine. The furniture (seats and tables) are from KASSANI and CONTACTO ARQUITECTURA was the main builder.

Design: Plasma Diseño
Project director: Carlos García
Production (Plasma): Clara Cuartas
Constructor: Contacto Arquitectura + Plasma Diseño
Client: The Grocery
Medellín, 2011

Kindergarten in El Porvenir

The building of the Social kindergarten in El Porvenir, in Bogota, the capital of Colombia was finished in 2009. The name of the architect who designed the building is Giancarlo Mazzanti. He created a very fresh design for children living in a very poor area situated within uptown of the Colombian capital. The new building is mostly white, the white color should represent hope. At the beginning, the initial idea was to transform into design the children game with blocks.

The project is planned to be able to adapt to different situations, topographic as well as urban. The entire complex is protected by an exterior structure of two walls. Behind the first one are playgrounds with public areas, behind the other one a complex of kindergarten buildings. Buildings are more or less simple in order to be multifunctional. At the same time a cosy space for children of different age was created.