Family Center, The Store by Ali Alavi

There are a few reasons why I enclosed the long (30 meters) front wall. One, was that the existing building’s elevation was really unpleasant, and I had no permission to touch it! Secondly, by enclosing the front facade, I gained 30 meters of wall space inside. According to my daily observational statistics study, majority of shoppers chose to go inside the store just because of curiosity, and to see what’s happening behind this facade. Curious forms.

The main idea comes from nomadic architecture of the region with similar materials and contexture. Wood ceiling plank and panels, sloped roof (gable/ shed/gambrel), are all used in many of the buildings in Northern Iran.

Client: Ali Babazadeh – Makan Gorjestani
Architect: Ali Alavi
Project Director: Ali Alavi
Construction Contractor: Salimi Brothers
Carpentry Contractor: Rohollah Eskandari
Painting Contractor: Sadeghi
Opening: 19-March-2013
Position: Noor-Mazandaran-IRAN


Amaj Darman Project

Paradis Technology Park is located in Iran, near-by the capital Tehran, more precisely 20 km north-east. Architect Kourosh Rafiey has designed a unique building where a surgery room predominates the complex. The building by Rafiey is just one of a park with a surface of 450 square meters. At first sight it is composed by three materials that are mixed together, fitting into each other. Facades are very unique, they are covered by steel tiles that covers a part of the roof.

As mentioned above, the main room of the building is surgery room with administrative rooms situated on the first floor. The ground-floor houses laboratories, storage rooms and parkings. While laboratories have to be safe, they are isolated from the rest of the building by its own Access and a ramp dividing the first floor and ground-floor. Architect has taken advantage of prefabricated materials for the construction of the skeleton. The entire project has strong energy and dynamics.