Utriai Residence by G. Natkevicius & Partners

This spectacular residence is situated in a small town of Utriai in the north-west of Lithuania. The project was created some time ago, in year 2006 in the architectural studio G.Natkevicius & Partners. It is a house built on a plot 3 000 square metres but the house itself stands on „only“ 424 square metres. The house was built on the Minija valley slope. The client is an entrepreneur in the agricultural production business and his wife is a design student and she is fully interested in furniture design.

The whole construction which in a way sticks out from the ground should be an image of the Noah`s ship on which he took his family with their animals. The façade is covered with dark wood which contrasts with wonderfully green grass. A remarkable element which makes the house unique is except its shape also the layout of the large square windows. Through these windows you can enjoy the spectacular views of the nature and the valley. The interior, just as the exterior is furnished in a pure manner, with no element which would be unnecessary.

photos: natkevicius.lt

Family house in a park

The owner of the family house has bought a parcel in beautiful surroundings of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius with an old metal factory building made from yellow bricks. When the first layer of plaster was removed, it showed up that the building is made from bricks produced in a famous Lithuanian brick factory and has an important historical value. The building is considered as an important landmark and would be a pity to tear it down. Architecture studio G.Natkevicius & Partners came up with a creative solution to keep the historical building and build a new comfortable residence for the owner. Architects built a second layer, glass covering with steel support system that encases the original brick house. The result is a contrast of materials that creates a cosy interior. A combination of old objects with their own stories and modern design and technology with their fine lines form together this beautiful art-piece.

source and photo: blog.gessato.com