MAPFRE Complex by TSM Architects

The project is a Commercial Complex where all the MAPFRE services may be found. MAPFRE is a Spanish transnational insurance company with presence all over South America. With a total built up area of 7,872.84 m2, it is composed of a Commercial Office two story building, a Medical Center with two levels, a Chapel and a six stories Columbarium building, and finally a Wake Area, plus two basements. The entrance to the complex is through a large square with slope.

The chapel has been placed on the left side of the entrance, with seating for 100 people. It has been design so it could hold most types of Christian services. It is more like a neutral temple. The external and internal cladding is a flagstone which is extracted from quarries in the Peruvian state of Arequipa. Inside, the altar has been decorated with a back of wooden veneer and with a top natural skylight. The altar table is an inclined marble table. The lighting fixture includes LED strings inside the windows to always give the effect of daylight permeating through them.

After the chapel services, you enter the reception area for the Columbarium, starting on the second floor and they spread over 6 floors. The building has been mainly covered by ellipsoid sun louvers to keep a more private atmosphere inside without compromising the entrance of natural light.

Towards the right side, also facing the street, the Medical Center has been located. Its glass façade has been design as a multiple combination of different types of glass that goes from light and transparent to dark and almost opaque. The reception, offices and services, such as pharmacy, X-ray, laboratory, etc. are on the first floor. The second floor consists of medical offices and administrative areas.

Between this two volumes are two pedestrian paths, one that continues along the ground, right next to the chapel and columbarium, to reach the entrance to the Wake rooms. And the other, an open cement stair that leads to the internal main plaza, with each step lighted by LED hidden strings.

To enter all five independent Wake rooms you must go through a common area, which has the same flagstone cladding. Between this area and the basement there is a vertical connection with a specially sized elevator for the entrance of the funeral procession with the coffin. In the basement there is also the mortuary room through which the coffin and body passes before being taken to each wake room.

The main Square or Plaza is located on the second floor, on top of the wakes, it is accessed through the open stair.From the Plaza you can access the commercial office building, consisting of 2 floors. The building has the same glass façade finished of the Medical Center. It is a continuous façade that makes them look like one bent building. The firstlivel is the customer reception area as well as customer care offices and the more private offices are on located on the second floor.

TSM Asociados SRL: Arch. Alvaro Grimaldo, Arch. Roberto Borda
MAPFRE Complex – 2013
Ave. Industrial 3614 – Independencia
Lima 28, Peru


Sky Condos by Miguel Montemayor

Concept: Local Atemporal Luxury
The Sky Condos located in Pezet 1257 is a new building that offers luxury in a whole other level. Modern design with high quality materials, procuring the use of local stones, keeping low energy consumption and low operation/construccion prices. NECESSITY: Draft an apartment building in one of the most important districts in Lima, Peru. STRATEGY: Design a building based on actual trends, but keeping an atemporal yet distinctive character, so it passes the test of time over the next decades. Modular concrete structure, which also conduct installation wells, leaving open and comforting habitable spaces.

Services are located where possible to the west. All habitable spaces are naturally ventilated and illuminated. The double height private garden is strategically located to the east of the plot, this will make possible to establish good ventilation, which direction vector is south east. Also the 5 meters tall tree serves as an air filter. Views to the Golf Club from master bedroom and living/dining room with generous terraces also keeping privacy.

A concrete structure made with local stone aggregates. Foundation and contention walls will be humidity optimized with special treatment. Concrete block walls with a layer of soundproofing foam. This treatment is also considered for slabs. Ventilated opaque crystal facade with double low-e glazing. This will create a thermal and sonic seal. Details with wood and granite. FLEXIBILITY: Despite of the selected skin in the proposal, the structure can be upgraded with another skin system, the options are limitless.


House Lefevre by Longhi Architects

Architecture studio Longhi Architects has designed a house called Lefevre. It is located at the coastline in Peru, in city of Punta Misterio situated 177km away from the capital Lima. The Punta Misterio region is known for its desert. The parcel has a great view at the Pacific ocean contrasting with the arid desert. One of the challenges was to create a design that will harmonize with the surroundings. It seems that they have fulfilled this demand very well.

They have created a housing formed by geometric shapes stacked on each other looking like they are going to fall from the reef. Stacking of shapes created an extra space on the roofs that was used to build unique sand gardens visually extending the desert. Swimming pools reconnect the house with the ocean. The entire design concept could be expressed by words: “between sand and water”. As for the materials, the material of the wall-covering changes with every floor, the ground-floor is covered by stone, the top floor is completely white with a number of glazed walls that lighten and aerate the house.