Water, light, shade…house

The building sits on an attractive sloping land in the residential area Paço de Arcos on the Portuguese coast in the vicinity of Lisbon. The architect Jorge Mealha designed this house as a number of functionally divided substances which react to the customer`s needs. He tried to soften their robust look in an interesting way – he created space where substances artfully communicate with the water surface. Light and shade become important elements. The water reflections on the house walls allow for a dramatic play and change of light throughout the day and give texture to the endless cement plaster walls that dress this house. The arrangements and size of the substances allow light to penetrate the core of the development. Metal blinds also reflect the movement of light from the exterior to the interior. The big smooth façade is of quite untraditional character.

photos: dailyicon.net.

Casa das Histórias

The building designed by this year`s Pritzker prize-winner Eduardo Souto de Moura. The award is one of the most prestigious prize for architecture. The exhibition building designated for painting, drawings and posters of internationally-known Portuguese painter and illustrator Paula Rego. The architect created an original museum building made from red concrete. The building houses besides the gallery a shop, a cafeteria and a poly-functional auditorium for up to 200 people.

The design reflects some elements of historical architecture that get a modern look considering natural surroundings of the parcel. The main skyline of the building is formed by four wings of different size and two pyramid-shaped towers. The interior is in typical white contrasting with blue-grey Cansais marble used on flooring. The artist herself chose de Moura to design her museum. De Moura gave in to the inspiration by regional elements, this is his first project when he backed out of the modern abstraction which is dominant in his work. The project of Casa das Histórias has brought a brand new approach on architect`s work in Portuguese as in world architecture.

photos: dezeen.com

School center Paredes

A Portuguese architecture company André Esphino Arquitectura designed a school center Paredes in the Lisbon`s city area of Alenquer, Portugal. As for the volume, the school center is formed by a white volume placed on four smaller black volume. The colour contrast accentuates a transition between the first and second floor. Another reason for this solution was to limit three inner courts. The volume enabled to react on the descending terrain of the parcel. The design is complemented by wall painting by contemporary artists. The school designed for up to 600 children from 3 to 9 years is divided to a kindergarten, first level classes and a space for free-time activities. The ground-floor of the building houses a gym, the most of lecture rooms with a direct access to the covered playground as well as open air free-time space. The first floors is designated for administrative staff, technical support and a reception for parents.

photos: plusmood.com